Advanced Reiki: Knowledge and practice of Reiki is closely associated with the ancient art of yoga science.  You will be introduced to the aspects of Reiki that relate to Yoga and other aspects of prana or life energy.  You will learn supporting aids and techniques to strengthen your energy level.

Tibetan Rites: In the late 1920's in colonial India, driven by an irrational wish, an aging British army officer embarks upon an adventure of discovery that leads to forbidden Tibet. So begin Colonel Bradford's extraordinary journey that brings him back to the West years later at age 73, looking and acting like a man of 45! We will teach you the Five Rites that restore youthful health and vitality by balancing and harmonizing invisible energy vortexes within the body.

Mudras: Mudras also playfully called "finger power points"- are yoga positions for your hands and fingers. They can be practiced sitting, lying down, standing or walking, at any time and place! Use these mysterious techniques to prevent illness, support the healing activity of a great variety of physical and emotional problems and to promote spiritual development.

Meditation: Guided meditation (chakra balancing), chanting meditation (with percussion) and fire meditation (chakra cleansing). Group sessions.

Art of Dying: Most of us do not like to think about death, or read or write about it, much less think about preparing for it. Allow us to guide you in preparing for the greatest challenge of all, for the most important moment of your life…

Crystal Grids: Crystal grids can be used for a wide variety of purposes. They can charge objects with life-force energy and can be used for distance/absent healing. Charging Crystal grids can be used to charge an object or an area with life-force energy. We engrave glass surfaces of 30cm x 30cm with sacred geometrical forms such as the flower of life, the Merkaba, Ohm, cross etc and then place a selection of gemstones that have been cleared and programmed onto the glass surface in accordance with the specific client's needs.

* Prices for all of the above are available on request


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